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Brand Identity

Brand identity is the stems of an organization. No matter if the company is a start-up, small sized, mid-sized or large sized, it desperately needs a professional brand image to attract customers, easily recognizable and to sustain in the competitive market.

Brand identity helps organizations to have the attention of the customers. Brand identity comprises of the signature colors, shapes, pattern and overall visual appeal to communicate to the customers in form of a logo, website, infographics, business card, standee, signage, and many other stationaries. uebol always leverages in this department either in print media or web media.

  • Photshop | Illustrator

    Logo & Card

    The Logo is an identity of a brand or company. No matter how large an organization is, logo creates an impression on its viewers that helps to earn customers loyalty. It is the most powerful element of the marketing unit. uebol help corporates to build brands that directly impact on its customers of what they offer with a unique, simple and professional style of design.

  • Printing Solutions

    Flyer & Brochure

    uebol engages in designing every element of a brand as a subset of Brand Identity design. We bring a superior standard to every design that we create, ranging from corporate flyers & brochures, Public Relation tools to advertorials and packaging. We ensure expected design files are delivered for publishing – Editable AI, EPS in CMYK, Layered PSD, Edited JPG or PNG and PDF.

  • Corporate Presentation

    Info Graphics

    An infographic is defined as a representation of information in a graphical format with the help of text, image, clipart, diagrams, charts, etc. to convey the message to readers in an easy way. However, it is referred to as data visualization. A well-presented design can help readers simplify a complicated subject into an enchanting topic. uebol had delivered a lot of infographics to corporate houses.

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