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Mobile Applications

At uebol we develop Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps and hybrid apps that interact and entertain. we've developed exciting, interactive apps and games that have organically topped the App Store charts.

We build elegant, robust, secure and scalable mobile solutions that win real business goals and leave an enduring impression on customers.

We're here as perfectionists with a keen eye for detail. Contact us now to discuss our mobile app development services for fulfilling your needs.

  • Android Studio | SDK

    Native Android

    Native Application is the one that built with a specific programming language for particular operating systems. Java is used for building Android Native application. This is the most reliable in terms of performance and UI that matches with expectations of the users. Native offers a wide variety of features like Push notifications, GPS and lot more.

  • HTML | Progressive Apps | Angular JS


    Hybrid applications are web-based applications built with HTML, CSS and Angular JS. The hybrid application targets cross-platform compatibility wrapped in a native application. It is simple, easy and quick to develop and maintain. Hybrid applications are less expensive compared to native apps comes with many features like native environment.

  • Ionic | Phonegap

    Ionic and Cordova

    Ionic is a modern HTML5 based hybrid mobile app development framework. Ionic offers native styled UI elements that enable compelling to users. Ionic is a powerful HTML framework that wrapped with Cordova or PhoneGap which is powered by Apache to perform like a native app.

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