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Web Design

Web design service is currently undergoing a quick innovation worldwide. IT business grows with loads of prospects for the enlargement of the business where design plays a pivotal role. candidly speaking, uebol has attained varied credits with wonderful goodwill within the field of designing.

uebol team develops wireframe, prototype to generate a blueprint of the website and uses technical skills like User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) Development to give it a life. As far as visualization skills are concerned, we have transformed our design know-how from Skeuomorphism to Minimalism and now to materialism. We have always been keen on taking responsibility when it comes to a logical and functional design.

  • Photoshop | Illustrator

    Web Layout

    Web layout is all about the arrangement and positioning of contents – text, icons, illustrations, images, forms, and buttons. We draft graphical layout with the help of wireframe that we do prior to design. We use Photoshop, Illustrator mostly to carry out the designs.

  • PSD | Sketch

    User Interface

    Interface Design (UI) is the point of approach where users interact. It is defined as how the elements of the content are laid out in graphical mode. Our main focus of design is to make easier for users to access the components such as navigation, icons, animations, dialog boxes of the product.

  • HTML | CSS | Jquery

    User Experience

    User Experience develops with the help of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. UX is basically giving life to a UI design. It also deals with the quality where a user interacts with the product. Our skill confirms an edge to the users by enhancing satisfaction in terms of usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided.

  • Interactive | Fast Loading

    Angular JS

    Angular JS is an extension of user experience design with new attributes. It is the best technology to create a single page based application. We love to use Angular, as it is one of the best open source front-end platforms to build not only for Web applications but also for mobile solutions.

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